Beat the hustle and bustle of the City with Bolt

Nairobi is often crowded and it’s sometimes stressful for people to move around. The city is always on the move, and continuously changing. This makes commutes really hectic, especially when traffic starts to build up. It is even more frustrating if you have to start chasing down a taxi on a street, or calling and waiting for a traditional car service and you are running late for a scheduled meeting, or trying to get home after a long day of work.

Ride-hailing apps are changing this narrative. They have made it much easier for passengers to get around the city, providing real-time location for pick-ups and accurate arrival times. Bolt doesn’t even need to ask you for your address. It knows where you are! The platform has customized its ride hailing services to meet the dynamic needs of different individuals while making city commute more seamless, and convenient.

Here are some customized Bolt services to take advantage of;

  1. Bolt Lite: Are you traveling alone or just the two of you? Capitalize on this affordable category and make savings on your rides. Using the Lite category will make the cost of your ridemore affordable while running errands conveniently and on a budget. What’s more, you will still enjoy Bolt’s safety features and opportuneness. It mainly consists of hatchbacks with engine capacities ranging from 850cc to 1300cc.
  2. If you are in a hurry, late for an appointment or you just want to beat the city traffic? Bolt Boda is the way to go. The ride is not only fast but also affordable, helping you save money.
  3. Bolt Base – This category caters for customers who prefer small cars with more room in the passenger cabin and spacious luggage trunk. It mainly consists ofsedans & station-wagons with 1500cc to 1800cc engine size. It caters to the needs of customers who might want to travel in groups consisting of 3-4 individuals.
  4. Bolt XL– This is a category for bigger groups with a seating capacity of up to six passengers. The larger capacity vehicles, typically SUVs, offer a cheaper alternative to large families for journeys to destinations such as the airport or weekend getaways, when compared to booking two regular private cars. If you are a large family or a group seeking to travel together, then look no further because this category gives you access to larger vehicles via the app.
  • Women Only – If you are a woman looking to be driven by a fellow woman around the city, then here comes a product for you! The Women-Only category enables female passengers to request rides from female drivers.  The category is geared towards empowering and motivating more women drivers to join the ride-hailing industry. This means that more women can earn an income by driving while using the Bolt platform. The category further aims at enhancing the safety and security of women that use Bolt’s platform, whether they are drivers or passengers. 
  • Bolt Green – Well, for those looking to have environmentally friendly commutes, Bolt Green got you on its wheels!The category has hybrid and electric cars, whose aim is to reduce emissions during trips taken on the Bolt platform, thus offering environmentally-friendly mobility options. 
  • Carpooling – If you’re someone who uses ride-hailing services frequently, then you already know how convenient and affordable Bolt can be. You can share a Bolt ride with friends that are going in the same direction as you. Rather than ride solo, share rides with 2-3 of your friends or colleagues, and split the bill or take turns paying at the end of each ride. You can now add up to 3 stops on your trip to pick up your friends or family on the way to any venue. Using multiple destinations means that you can save on trips, as you can now ride together from different locations without having to individually request a ride. This saves you time and money! Tap on the ‘+’ on the right side of the address box in your Bolt App to create an additional stop to your ride.
  • Bolt Food – Are you hungry and worried about what to eat because you are held up with stuff or just not in position to prepare something fast? Well, worry no more! Bolt Food will find you something and deliver it in minutes. One can order from the comfort of their home/workplace and Bolt Food couriers will bring it to your doorstep.Through the different green transport options available including electric bicycles, and electric motorbikes your food orders are always delivered in an environmentally conscious manner thus reducing carbon emissions. Customers also have the pick up your order option which also contributes to sustainable ways of receiving your Bolt Food orders. 
  • Amazing discounts: Bolt regularly offers its customers amazing discounts while compensating drivers. It’s a win-win situation! Bolt food also has great discounts as they deliver fresh food from the best restaurants, at your convenience. Why pay for more when you can pay less?

These customized features enable Bolt to offer services that suit the diverse needs of customers, and still continue to provide affordable and convenient transportation services to everyone. Customers have more options to select from, as the platform keeps providing the best earnings for driver partners.

The splendor is that Bolt trips are structured and monitored making them safe and secure. Bolt has an emergency SOS button, embedded with emergency tracking options, and improved auto location trailing features for medical or security emergencies, when a driver, a passenger or another road user is in an emergency during a Bolt ride.  Additional safety features such as Share your ETA, allows a passenger to share his/her live trip details with emergency contact numbers, thereby bolstering safety throughout the lifecycle of the passenger’s journey.

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