I do not regret making a career switch

My name is Felix Mutiso, I grew up in Machakos where I attended both primary and secondary schools. Growing up was fun. My brother and I grew up in an extended environment at my grandfather’s home. 

Later, I attended college in Mombasa and pursued a career in Information Technology. I was initially going to enroll for a medical technologist course at the Mombasa Polytechnic. 

Unfortunately, I was time-barred and my next option was IT which I readily enrolled for. I worked in IT for several years, but I later made a career switch to Supply Chain. My friends describe me as outgoing, though I regard myself as a functional introvert! 

My first day of work at Sendy was both exciting and scary! The alarm for orders sounded in my smartphone. I put on my jacket and hopped into my van and off I went! Navigating with Google maps was a breeze, but calling the customer to verify pickup and drop off points wasn’t a smooth experience. I didn’t know how to ask for landmarks yet, and I became anxious in Nairobi traffic!

I came to find out about the company while managing fleet vehicles for a company I used to work for before. There arose a need to engage third party logistics service providers. I was tasked with finding a suitable partner. After my contract with the company came to an end, I decided to partner with Sendy.

My working journey started back in November 2019 when I procured a mini-van and registered it for commercial use. I began by servicing on-demand orders that I found on digital platforms. Later, I was introduced to Sendy Supply. In August 2020, I was assigned a corporate account, servicing dedicated orders. Recently, I have been introduced to the Fulfillment Service.

A normal working day, runs smoothly for me. My alarm goes off at 5:15 am. I wake up, pray and freshen up. After that I take breakfast together with my family, drop off the kids to school, then I proceed to customer premises with my partner. 

At this point, orders to one or several customers are usually dispatched. At the drop off point, I open the boxes, arrange the goods on pallets, sign off delivery notes. Afterwards, I may choose to proceed to the supply warehouse otherwise, I simply get back home, clean the van and get ready for the next day. 

One of the most memorable experiences I’ve had while at work was this day when the van was impounded by county officers. I spent half the day extricating myself from the situation.

Working during the pandemic was also quite a challenge. I had to obtain and carry with me a letter authorizing me to operate during curfew time. I worried about my safety owing to the many interactions with customers and suppliers. Delays at road blocks were also common.

Sendy has had a great impact on my life and my family. As an individual, I interact with customers, members of staff, suppliers and colleagues on an ongoing basis. These daily interactions are quite empowering as they provide opportunities for continuous improvement. My family is well provided for, thanks to this partnership. 

The company is transforming lives everywhere. SMEs, customers, suppliers, distributors and colleagues have been positively impacted by Sendy’s “Do More” maxim through ongoing interactions with its digital platform that makes it easier to do business. 

The thing that I love most about Sendy is that they are leveraging technology to drive growth for both individuals and businesses. For me, it is a refreshing feeling whenever a customer’s order is dispatched on time. The app works seamlessly, payment for goods delivered is received and I earn my commission. At the end of the day I go home fulfilled.

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