My father and brother were the inspiration behind my business.

My name is Mr. Ndung’u Muigai, a third born in a family of four. I was born and brought up in Nyandarua County.

I wouldn’t complain about my childhood. My parents were not wealthy, though they were able to take us to good schools and provide what we needed.

My father, now a retired teacher, taught us the importance of hard work. My parents were farmers so we had to learn how to work on the farm from early in life. We reared rabbits and took animals for grazing. As such I learnt responsibility at a young age.

Currently, I run a wholesale business located in Umoja One in Nairobi. The name of my business, SAMUU Wholesales, was inspired by my father Sam Muigai, who taught me the value of hard work and belief in God. He has always been present and has taught me a lot of values that have impacted my life to date.

My day starts at around 6am. I spend time with my family in the morning before opening the business at 8am. Running a wholesale is lucrative, but like other businesses we face competition from other players. I currently have eight employees, and I am also actively involved in the day to day running of my business.

Honestly, I never saw myself becoming a businessman. I pursued an electrical course at the Thika Technical Training Institute. After my studies, I went back to Nyandarua. I spent most of the time there farming and doing electrical work. Life was not as promising as I had envisioned, there were fewer electrical jobs, and some of the ones I had didn’t pay on time. I wanted to make something more out of my life.

My brother who was already a businessman in Nairobi convinced me to join him. He mentored me and taught me all the ropes I needed to learn to succeed in business.

One is in business to make profits. Running a business therefore requires tact and wisdom. Before partnering with Sendy, I faced a number of challenges which they have since helped me to solve. Honestly, they have transformed my business and my life.

Sendy supplies me with the goods and products that I need for my Wholesale at a fair price. They also deliver for free. This has helped to relieve me off the challenge of getting cost effective and reliable transport. Previously, I had to leave the business and go source for the goods, alternatively, I had to use my car and send a driver to pick up the supplies. Higher transport costs mean that we also raise the cost of goods which was not sustainable

I started working with Sendy last year. I came to know about the company from one of the salesmen who used to supply my business with goods. I noticed the difference, and the impact that it was making in my business.

Through Sendy, I can now choose from a variety of different suppliers who offer competitive rates on products. I no longer have to worry about transport as they deliver on time. This was a major challenge as it would sometimes take up to two weeks before getting my supplies delivered.

I am happy when my clients are happy because of our fair prices and also because of the good customer service that we offer. I am also earning from my business and I am able to take care of my family with the income I get. Additionally, I have employed people who are also able to take care of their families.

I would recommend Sendy to any business owner. They have made my life easier. They save me on things like fuel and car service. Supplying me with goods at affordable prices also helps my business stand out and thrive because I am able to stock more and sell more.

It is every business owner’s dream to see their business grow. My future plan is to expand my business into wholesale and distribution. This is the direction that I would want to take as I see a market that I can fulfill. It may take some time but it will happen.

My advice to aspiring business men and women, is to know yourself. Know what is good and right, and know God because he is the giver of all. Also, be content with what you have at the moment. This does not mean that you forget about your dreams. Know what you have, know how to use it, even as you aim to grow.   Lastly, do not despise other people even as you rise. Wake up early, sleep late if you have an opportunity, make use of it. Most importantly fear God. Let people admire you not because you are rich, but because of the person you are

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