The battles of Kenyan Education Systems

While the curriculum may have been embraced by a certain percentage of Kenyans there is another percentage that is left stranded following the prevailing circumstances in their areas of residence.

My name is Rose Atieno born and bred in Nairobi, Kenya. Nairobi, if you may know, is a very busy city with lots of hustles and bustles. In this large city , I have had the privilege of traversing the different villages / slums. Especially being that I have been raised in Kawangware, a low income settlement .

The education system offered by the government over the years has been quite commendable being that children from all corners can or could afford . 844 as a system of education in this nation, I would say has really shaped the largest population for the last 2-3 decades. Like any other system, the 8-4-4 system had its own
shortcomings .

In light of this, I think that we should have made the 8-4-4 system better before endorsing the Competency Based Curriculum. While we were still under the 8-4-4 system and the education offered by the government wasfree, there were some counties that experienced harsh conditions in search of education, for
instance, areas like Samburu and Turkana.

In these areas year after year I would watch news and get so saddened by the condition of the children based there. Some students don’t have books or even classrooms. I believe that if education is a basic need , then every partaker should access equal resources for the same. Children in the urban centers benefited more than those in the rural areas.

The 8-4-4 system should have been refined across the country before bringing in CBC. With CBC the parents are involved. Some of the students have drunkards as parents, others have absentee parents.

What does this mean to a child?

This means that the student in question will not benefit in any way.With counties that are suffering natural calamities like famine plus lack of classrooms and reading materials what does CBC mean to them? I choose to remind us that a system is only beneficial and effective across the country when every Kenya child is catered for.

Kenya being a developing country, we needed to have looked into the factors before that would have helped us reach every child across the nation. This is because education is the backbone of a society seeing as through education innovations happen, the economy will grow and this in every way will enhance a peaceful co existence seeing as the crime rate will so be close to zero.

By Rose Atieno

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