The Role of Digital Identity in Boosting Digital Transformation and Revenue Collection

Digital Identity is a key consideration for many African countries, with more and more nations looking to adopt a digital identity for their citizens. This is so as to help ensure there is more efficient provision of government services and easier identification for all. This is also a global goal and there are lessons to be learnt from the steps taken across the globe. If these lessons are implemented we can close the gaps in socioeconomic inclusion in Kenya and beyond.

Digital Identity would assist in tax collection as it would streamline citizens’ data and limit loopholes for tax evasion. Digital technologies have already proven to be key in helping tax administrations meet their revenue assurance targets and business to streamline their payrolls. The use of digital technology can assist in enlarging the revenue base for governments by enhancing their capabilities when it comes to tax collection

James Claude, the CEO at Global Voice Group (GVG)

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